Dance-movement and singing courses

Welcome to a Parkinson en mouvement (PEM) class: a dozen people with Parkinson's dancing to lively music, doing the movements along with a physiotherapist & a dance therapist, and having fun at it! Quite an impressive sight since the most common symptoms of Parkinson's are 'freezing of movement', impaired balance, muscle rigidity, and tremors!

« Joining Parkinson en mouvement classes is the best decision I've made since I learned I have Parkinson's disease.»

PEM offers dance-movement & voice training classes and dance-therapy sessions. Based on the most advanced research as to the positive effects of music & of certain types of movement for people with PD, Parkinson en mouvement is a unique initiative which brings together the expertise of both dance & physiotherapy, as well as elements of ergonomics & voice training. The dances foster improvements in strength, balance, endurance, range of motion, gait & posture, and integrate movements useful in daily activities.

« I am more confident, both physically & emotionally, now that I dance. »

Singing classes

People with PD often have changes in voice patterns. PEM's singing classes strive to help maintain voice volume & expressiveness. Come sing with the Voix du Parkinson!  

For information & registration :

Tania at 514.808.8839 / Sarah au 514.842.0322



Our focus is to integrate recent rehabilitation research with various forms of dance. Currently we are using the research on LSVT BIG (for details please refer to http://www.lsvtglobal.com) uses large amplitude movements to regain a normal speed and size of movement. We choose both dance movements and functional movements to train in this way.

We choose music and dance forms to encourage the pleasure and understanding of movement. We have developed and created a class format that has a wonderful flow between structure and improvisation. The former allows for the learning of new movement patterns and the development of movement memory. The later allows the natural expressive capabilities inside our bodies to be accessed and explored.

The ultimate goal is to encourage the incorporation of dance, movement, and BIG into the daily life of our students. We aim to impact upon the everyday movement pattern and the interactions we have with the world.

Different classes for different people

Over the years, PEM has developped various class forms to respond to the needs & preferences of people with PD. Some will prefer our larger class groups in a large dance studio; others may prefer to be in our smaller group. Our teachers take the time to discuss with every newcomer what might be the best approcah for each.


In the singing classes, participants learn various vocal warm-up techniques, and then off they are singing choir style. Most songs are chosen by the class members, and the variety is amazing: from ''California Dreaming'' to Jacques Brel; a bit of Blues and then some folk songs. Les Voix du Parkinson sing in English, French, Spanish & even Zulu! 

Participants take pleasure in exercising their voice, playing with musical notions such as rythm, tempo & harmony, and on how to interpret songs with facial expression & emotion.