To learn about Parkinson's Disease — the symptoms, causes, treatments — both the  Société de Parkinson du Québec and of Canada have very good websites on the subject. as well as up-to-date information on research & resources.

You will also find links to local chapters, more in tune with local resources. Among them, the   Société Parkinson du Grand Montréal
550 Sherbrooke St West, West Tour, Suite 1080, Montreal, H3A 1B9
Tel. : 514.868.0597
Fax : 514.861.4510

FILM "Parkinson le fait danser"

A really interesting film about a CEGEP teacher who discovered that dance really help him keep his PD symptoms in check. You can view an except


An episode of the TV program "Une pilule, une petite granule" that explores the positive effects of music on those living with neurological conditions like Parkinson’s. Diane Patenaude, one of Parkinson en mouvement participants is featured.

For a summary, in French, of the content  CLICK HERE. There is also a link from there to the programme itself. Good viewing!